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• 液压驱动长时间工作所产生的油温的变化对于折弯精度的影响已经完全消除。
This system employs absolutely no hydraulics,and so the effects of heat generation in long-term operation are negligible resulting in stable repeat accuracy.


• 缩短长件弯曲补正时间
Shorten compensation time for bending length difference

• 安装在补偿机架上的光栅尺以微米级的精度即时检测滑块位置。
The linear scale(encoder)fitted to het elongation compensation bracket constantly monitors the ram position with micron class accuracy.

• 精确的滑块位置精度与负载压力无关,几乎不受侧机架变形的影响。
Almost no effect from load-induced side frame defection,and accurate ram positioning is attained irrespective of requisite load.

• 缩短准备时间
Shorten adjustment time for inergrate uniform angle
• 由于采用4轴独立驱动即使长度有变化其角度精度依然稳定
Stable bending angle at any length by 4 axes independent controll ram drive system.
• 减少长工件弯曲的补正次数
Reduce adjustment time for long parts bending.
• 缩短阶梯式弯曲的调试时间
Reduce trial bend time for step bend.

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