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• 上下模具之间的距离由光栅尺直接控制
Die Distance Directly Controlled by Linear Scale
• 安装在补正机架上的光栅尺(编码器)持续地以微米级的精度检测滑块的位置。
The linear scale(encoder)fitted to the independent bracket constantly monitors the ram position with micron class accuracy
• 滑块的定位精度与所需的负载变形不影响折弯精度。
Almost no effect from load-induced side frame defection,and accurate ram positioning is attained irrespective of requisite load.


• 变频控制技术
Inverter control
• 控制滑块定位的伺服阀安装在油缸上,液压油的体积变化非常小,能快速平滑地控制滑块。
Servo valve which controls accurate ram positioning is fixed on the hydraulic cylinder,volume reduction of compressed hydraulic oil is so limited that the ram can be controlled more quickly and smoothly.

• 变频油泵马达高速旋转能提升供油量,使滑块能够高速运动。
The ram moves faster because inverter motor driven at higher r.p.m.increases oil flow from pump.


• 新的角度控制装置(数控挠度补偿装置是NET机型的标准配置)
New type Angle Controller NC angle controller is standard equipment for NET model
• 利用折弯进行的弯曲加工当中,因为受弯曲荷重、压头、下床体变形不可避免所以经常出现中开现象。

• PBZ系列所有机种都在工作台下面标准装备着有联动斜契块挠度补偿角度控制装置。

• 可通过摇动手轮来简单的实现消除挠度变形量的平滑曲线。

• 采用电动角度控制器可对各工序的挠度补偿自动设定。准备时间可以更为缩短

In press-brake bending work,bending load-induced ram-bed deflection is unavoidable,and there is always an intermediate sag problem.

The PBZ series has an angle controller as standard equipment on all models,and the controller is linked by shafts to each of the wedges under the table.

Deflection can be cancelled out and a smooth curve obtained by just turning the handle.

By employing NC control for the angle controller,each process is automatically set.This shortens the setup time significantly.

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